How To Stay Productive Working From Home

How to Stay Productive Working from Home

Remote working is becoming increasingly popular. Recently, thanks to the outbreak of COVID-19, the government is recommending working from home as much as people possibly can during quarantine and worldwide lockdowns. People differ in how they work from home and what works best for them. Here are a few tips, however, to increase productivity whilst working remotely:

Prepare for work

One of the idealizations of working from home is spending all day in pajamas tucked up in bed with a laptop or smart device. This is one way of working from home and definitely adds a certain comforting appeal. However, this method is far from ideal.

The physical act of getting ready to work, brushing your teeth, getting dressed and having breakfast, helps to prepare you mentally for a productive day at work. The same routine can be applied to home working and would be more conducive for remote working. Staying in pajamas all day can make it difficult to get into the work mindset needed for productivity.

Changing into a casual dress, applying to makeup and following with a normal routine is beneficial and normal especially in this period of confusion and uncertainty. When the day is over and you have finished work, changing into comfy clothes and slipping under the covers will help you unwind after work and feel refreshed for the following day.

Commit to a schedule

Getting ready for work is just one aspect of remote working. Getting started on your work is the next step. Setting a schedule or daily routine will help you keep productive throughout the day. Firstly, you should decide on the starting time.

This may be the time you normally start work or a time that fits well for you and other members of your household. People with children may find working in the evening is better for them to fit in with their family schedule. Others may prefer working early morning. The time you start work is down to you and your lifestyles. For people who work remotely long term, you may also decide to set a weekly schedule or simple to-do list to complete daily tasks.

Turn off the distractions

Most of us have a smartphone, tv, games console or other forms of digital distraction. To achieve the most productivity, it would be beneficial to set rules or abandon the use of unproductive digital habits such as scrolling on Facebook or watching ‘Friends’ (we all know we can never watch just one episode!)

The physical environment plays an important part in productivity and having digital distractions can cause us to lose our focus.

Look after your health

In the current circumstances, we are all very concerned about the pandemic spreading across the world. As with any government guidelines, keep an eye on symptoms for this virus. However, this can also be applied to ’normal’ everyday lives. If you feel unwell or ‘out of sorts’, you are far less likely to deliver quality results and follow a productive workday. Take care of yourself and make sure you are well before trying to overstretch your limitations.

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